What is Gunversation?

I'm a passionate firearms lover and a true gun hobbyist. It's something that I have not been able to contain. Enjoying a night filled with action movies and one or two of my weapons near by is a great night for me. Being pretty hip to all the modern gun blogs and vlogs helps in my knowledge as well. Formally a resident of New York, I've been living in Richmond, Virginia for the last 15 years. This has definitely helped to expand my understanding of guns, as well as put me in the comforts of other firearm lovers. In noticing the rise in gun popularity these days, I've come to the realization that people like guns but are still uniformed on many levels. Many own a firearm, but may not know how to properly clean it, or where to find the best accessories for them. I'd like to help fill the void between the informed and uninformed collectors and hobbyist. 

Picture a guy spending at least an hour a day reading an article or watching a gun review on youtube. Yes that people is me all the way. With no intent to bolster about all the information I know about guns, I'd just like to place my thoughts and answer any questions people have about them. I'll post about all things I think relate to a "gunversation". That's the conversation someone have about guns and all topics surrounding them.