Record breaking gun and ammunition purchases caused by COVIN-19

In America, it only takes one scare for people to run into the gun stores and buy up everything. During the past several years gun and ammo purchases have been connected to School shootings. This time around it's something that has touched the majority of the world. A virus that should have been taken seriously much earlier on. I've been keeping up with news about the virus since January of this year. Looking to see where new cases were developing and how our Country and States were looking to handle things. Then yesterday I pondered what was going on in the gun world.
What seems to be weird to some, is a normal routine for others. When we talk about gun owners we should consider them as some of the most sensitive people on the planet. They'll jump at any reason to purchase more guns and ammo. Since late January old and new gun owners have resurfaced to take part in hoarding more guns and ammunition. Monthly transactions and applications have doubled and in some cases tripled from the same time last year. In doing my normal web searching, I've found 2 reasons why sales are way up. 

Police ask criminals to "halt crime" during the coronavirus outbreak

Police Chiefs and Sherriffs of many States like Colorado and Washington have asked criminals to chill out! Can you believe it has come down to Police asking people to not commit crimes? I had to search that term just to see which other locals have asked this same question. There was an article on the first page of the google search results from Massachusetts law officers asked people to hold off. The top search result for "police ask criminals to not commit crimes coronavirus" showed an article by The Hill. You should know that the large majority of States reaching out with this public message are rural ones. Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Utah to name a few. 

Gun people need only one reason to buy and an apocalypse is a good one

You'll always have people saying "I told you it was gonna happen". Plenty of Americans have this hobby of hoarding guns and ammo. They both carry metal elements and can last for a long time. Bullets don't expire per se. The gunpower can lose some of its energy, but the bullet will still fire. Whether the bullet has enough energy to exit the barrel is another story. 

SN: Brandon Lee the son of Bruce Lee was shot with a blank, but a bullet was in the barrel of the gun. When the blank was fired, it dislodged the bullet. 

Gun sales have been going up in all States that allow the purchase of both firearms and ammunition. Reading a google searched article on abcnews from March 21, 2020, mentioning internet retailer has had an increase in tractions up 222% with revenues up 309%. If you haven't visited a gun store recently, then these numbers should tell it all. Ironically, the persons responsible for these numbers probably have guns and ammo already.