Buying nightstand with hidden gun safe online

There's a little niche brewing with these concealment furniture stores online. From nightstands to shelves and bookcases, having a hidden place for a weapon is home defense 2020. My curiosity leads me on a trail to visit some of the companies' websites who are selling items like these. I'm a mid-day modern in terms of my furniture choices, so let's see how these online companies match up with service, style and accessibility of weapons.

The first company I came across while google searching was American concealed furniture. Based out of Greenville, Texas and seeming to be very skilled at Wood carpentry but their website pictures. Using alder, oak or maple woods, your given plenty of paint choices like cherry, mahogany, espresso, wheat and even unfinished.

Their designs give off a classic look and would fit well in cabin-like settings. I'm more of a modern guy and would fancy something with chrome and mirrors...I wouldn't really go that far. Other furniture items include chests, mantles, wall-mounted picture frames and even hidden storage headboards and mirrors. I think they're definitely worth a look at. Especially since they rank first in google search results.
Founded by a retired police officer who had plenty of home burglary cases, top secret furniture was another online store I found. Arizona is where they call home. Their motto is based on the understanding that hiding things in plain site, is the best thing to do. Sticking with more simplified designs then American Concealed, this company takes a plain approach with end tables, coffee tables and dresser draws. Surely if some wanted to run off with your end table that has hidden guns they could. In comparing pictures from the two sites, you can tell the latter's furniture is cut from all solid pieces of wood. Nightstands are currently not an offer at Top Secret so I set my eyes in their end table design. It's nice and simple design can work in plenty of applications. I can see a home office having one of these. Though the furniture looks light, the company claims they ate 100% hardwoods. Bookcases and cabinetry are made using a combination of solid hardwoods and hardwood veneered hardwood ply. You'll need to visit their site should you want to take a look at their pictures and contact them.

Overall both sites have opened my eyes to the possibilities for concealed home defense furniture. I'm wondering how in the modern world we live in whether flat screens and Keurig would be the next best place to hide a gun?