Big banks giving gun loans to businesses

I thought about whether the sensitivity produced from the devastating use of firearms, would make investing in the gun market taboo. Americans live in a Country where we can show non-support for something publicly, but invest for profit in secret. Much information about the history of our banks can be found by searching online, so maybe I shouldn't act like they are trying to hide these details. Tossed between the goal of making money and appealing to public opinion, these banks have hardly ever publicized the fact they could be gun manufacturer's biggest investors. Guns being huge business in America, while having created some of the world's best gun companies. This powerful internet of ours can give me a few answers about who are the big players in terms of loaning funds and investing in these gun companies.

 List of big banks who give money to gun manufacturers 

Yup, it's what I thought but still had to like read the names for myself. It's crazy to see the names of banks that many Americans use invest so heavy into guns. Check out the names I've found online and some of what they've given in the present or past. 

Bank of America - established in 1904, this bank has been around since before the sinking of the Titanic. BofA made a commitment back in April 2018 to not invest in gun products. That came to a stop in May of the same year as Bank of America gave $43.2 Million towards a $200 million dollar financing deal to bail out Remington. 

BB&T - Received an F grade from gun-control group as one of the main financiers to the gun industry, giving over $150 million to manufacturers.

Wells Fargo - Known as one of the biggest financiers along with BB&T, Wells Fargo give the gun industry over $431 million since 2012. Their ties to the NRA run deep, was well as to other companies in the gun industry.

JPMorganChase - They've given a total of $273 million in financing to the gun industry.

Here's a list of some of the other companies that are heavily invested in firearms:
Capital One 
Morgan Stanley
TD Bank 
Citizens Bank

This post was to show that even though many people physically think they are not supporting the manufacturing of guns......they still are. People are constantly contributing by opening up personal bank accounts and having retirement plans set up through these banks. Now I do get that most people aren't in control of which bank their employer chooses to use. This is why the investment of firearms is such a daunting task to get a grip of. In all cases you should know where your money is going.