Gun-toting protesters avoid stay at home orders

Some Americans are at it again! It's seemingly impossible to avoid a protest with gun-toting U.S. citizens at the forefront. This time, the signs and chants are not about gun control but about re-opening States while the Coronavirus is still taking lives every day. Since President Trump decided to leave handling the virus to each State, we've seen how different each State thinks and definitely received a better understanding of its residents. 
Freedom is the power to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. When taking this meaning in its entirety, one would think they can what they want in America because it's the "land of the free". Though people sing songs of freedom and have fought for it as well, I'm not understanding how many U.S. citizens can think we are 100% free in this country. The understanding that people in States like North Carolina and Michigan feel their rights are being taken away is just ridiculous! I believe this pandemic has shown us how selfish people can be, while displaying the identities of the people who think this way. Both States have seen death rates of over 4,000 and 400 respectively. The act of protesting freedom rights, while our government is constantly working on a solution is the most selfish act I've seen this year. 

Some States that have been hit hard have humbled themselves. Yes, teens are still on the loose, but overall the people know that it is best to stay home. It's not a matter of whether our freedom to move freely has been revoked, but a matter of public safety. In this case, the best thing to do is help the next person by protecting yourself and following the rules that have been established to help us get through.